Oh drat, you actually made it to this page...

Look, imma be straight with you..

I had *grand plans* for turning this page into a compelling pitch for my latest course,

Profit Multiplier Formula.

But, uhh...I didn't....

You see, I wanted to unveil my complete strategy for attracting high-ticket clients, whether you're a freelancer, consultant, or agency owner...

How I kickstarted my journey with absolutely zero experience (charging a mere $10/hour), no industry contacts, and zilch in credentials...

Managed to replace my 9-5 salary in just 3 months...

Began securing $3000/month retainers...

Even snagged a whopping $10,000 per project from clients scattered around the globe...

And proudly achieved my first $100,000 in sales... all within a single year.

And I *really wanted* to show you my entire strategy for how to do that in just

.... IN ONE HOUR ....

(that's quicker than deciding what to order for your pizza delivery..)

So I was really excited to write this sales page.

I even shelled out some pretty pennies to get this logo made…

(yeah okay, I didn't hire freaking picasso off Fiverr and I didn't spend a whole treasury... but he still needed to be paid, okay!?)

Spruced up the sales page with all the bells and whistles of persuasion (social proof, scarcity timers, press logos, unicorn emblems... whatever else marketers do...)

Linked up my Stripe to this sales page...

Set a sweet, budget-friendly, under-$100 price tag...

Brewed a cup of hot chocolate...

And settled in to pen down this sales page.

But then it hit me:

This is a DUMB idea..

I should never have even tried doing this.

Because I remembered something:

As EVERY freelancer knows …

There are NO* high-ticket clients out there…

*Not in your city/country/industry/online networks/rolodex/Yellow Pages anyway...

Nobody wants to pay the big bucks to copywriters, social media managers, facebook ad experts, PR strategists, developers, graphic designers…. it's ALL about penny-pinching...

Everyone is on the hunt for the ABSOLUTE CHEAPEST freelancer out there…

...ever since Chat-GPT, Dall-E and Bard decided to crash the party...it's gotten worse...

…and HOW can you be the cheapest freelancer out there… when there’s someone in Bangladesh, Philippines or Eritrea that’s willing to work for a jaw-droppingly rate of $2/hour?!

I don’t know why I didn’t realize this until now…


I guess you've wasted your precious time clicking on this page....

I’m sooo sorry.

My most heartfelt apologies for any letdown caused; I'd send a troupe of apologetic squirrels if I could. Or maybe some repentant penguins... they waddle with remorse for any disappointment. (It usually works....)


SATYA... let's hit the pause button...seriously, stop...

I wanna stop typing...but I can't...HELP ME!

Honestly, it's like an urge I can't resist...

OBVIOUSLY it's a bit silly for me to suggest that earning $100 - $300+ per hour is a possibility...


that there's a chance you could land clients happily forking out $3,000 - $10,000 (yep, that's four dazzling zeros), thrilled to pay it all upfront...

Like this client who ~OBVIOUSLY~ didn't pay me a cool 10G - without even needing a custom proposal... paid me only $2/hour...

Or this one. Which I also didn’t get paid for 100% in advance...

… wait, what? I am NOT saying you can get clients like these...

Seriously, YOU. CAN. NOT.

It doesn't work.

(Don't be fooled, okayy...)

i.e. you most definitely can NOT charge $9997, like I did this time I charged $9997 for a 1-week project and she just paid on the spot without any objections...

You look like you don't believe me.

..stop giving me that look...

Wait..you're not ~delulu~ enough to believe you can get high-ticket clients, right??!

No matter what Tiktok says...Delulu is NOT the solulu, my friend..

Coz..that's like the OPPOSITE of what I am saying

...are you hearing me!?!

NOBODY can get a $3000/mo retainer and get paid $15K from one client...

Stop being so darn gullible...ffs...

Well... um.

I'm not entirely sure what THAT whole spectacle was.

Just picture the monumental effort it would take for someone to Photoshop ALL these screenshots?

Seems like a good idea to close this page right about now...

Even if, hypothetically, this page were to magically reveal that YOU have the potential to secure high-ticket clients as a freelancer, consultant, or agency owner...

(which it TOTALLY wouldn’t since there is NO WAY you could make money working from ANYWHERE in the world…)

… why would you knowingly read a page that was trying to SELL you something and take your money?

You wouldn’t. You’re too smart for that.

You hate sales pitches, remember?!

Okay then. You can close this tab now.

No need to venture any further down the scroll rabbit hole - it's pointless.

Until our digital paths cross again, buh-bye!

Starting to suspect my words about the scrolling aren't landing, huh?

Oh dear... it's still you... You're sticking around, huh?

You're genuinely interested in perusing a long sales page?

For an... online course??!

(Might I suggest... Netflix, tending to your garden, or a leisurely stroll... you know, for a more thrilling pastime?!)


Clearly, you're not getting my point...

I tried to tell you, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to book $3000 - $10000+ clients…without custom proposals, long sales calls or dealing with price objections..

But, fine.

You're practically begging me to give you a full sales pitch …

so you give me NO choice but to give it to you.

(Don't tell me I didn't warn you, okay?!)

A real sales page extravaganza is heading your way.

3 …

2 …


Learn Almost Everything You Need To Know To Start Winning High-Ticket Clients As Soon As Tomorrow — Even If You Have NEVER Charged Premium Rates Before..



Dear tenacious reader of this sales letter,

If you are a freelancer, consultant or agency owner who would like bigger, better clients … then this page is going to show you the best method I have learned to do that.

See, I have created a course called …

And this course contains — from start to finish — the exact strategy I used to go from $0 to hit 5-figure months in my business

Going from doing 5-figure months to booking 5-figure clients (who pay in full in advance)...

To raising my rates from $300 per project to $3,000/mo retainers

Leaving clients singing my praises while I charged them $300+/hr


Hitting $36,000 in a month as a freelancer - with NO team, NO paid ads and NO big fancy office.

My new course goes through how I achieved all of that.

And the best part is …

You can learn my entire system

in just ONE HOUR*.

*Okay, so it’s actually 70 minutes - so just watch it on 1.1x speed, okayyyy...

I know you've taken a ton of courses which give 43 hour-long lessons to watch (and make you quit *riiight* after the intro video).

This is NOT that kind of course.

It's packed up to the brim with game-changing content that you can finish in ONE hour flat.

Watch and Work. That's all you need to do.

But before I tell you what is in the course, I want to be clear about this:

Profit Multiplier Formula is completely “B.Y.O-Skills”.

By that I mean, it will NOT teach you a single thing about how to actually *deliver* results to your clients.

You will have to go and learn that elsewhere

(or...you already know how to do it)..

Anyway. While my system is great for showing you how to package your genius, charge premium rates and book high-ticket clients … you still need to deliver high-quality WORK.

*le duhh*

If you can’t, I can’t guarantee my system will make up for that.

Which is why I make no guarantees that Profit Multiplier Formula will make YOU as successful as I have been.

If you're unable to deliver high-quality work - PLEASE LEAVE THIS PAGE NOW - I can't (and won't) help you with that..

Here is what is inside the course:

(i.e. everything you could have in just 60 minutes from now)

  • A never-revealed-before 'trick' for winning 4-figure and 5-figure projects WITHOUT writing custom proposals ever again... (and actually turning that into your advantage)
  • How to instantly eliminate EVERY single freelancer as ‘competition’ and become your client’s ONLY choice.
  • A 5-point checklist to identify clients with healthy budgets (i.e. eliminate cheapos, tire kickers and time wasters) -- so you never have to deal with money objections ever again!
  • My exact $$ recommendations for what project rates to charge to ensure MAX profits!
  • How you can charge 3X of what your competitors charge - and have clients say "YES" right on the spot!
  • How to reduce your workload by 10 hours/week - and still make more money than ever before!
  • The exact "simple service packages" I've used to book premium clients at $7500 - $10,000+ price points - within my first year as a freelancer. (It's really not rocket science - and it doesn't need to be!)
  • Why you should NEVER create custom packages for your client (no exceptions) - if you really want to scale to $30K+ months
  • 10 'real world' package examples that 6-figure freelancers have created and sold with smashing success!
  • How to STOP hunting for clients each month - and create a steady pipeline of cashflow that keeps you feeling relaxed and secure in your busines.
  • How to COMPEL your clients to pay you 100% in advance - even if it's the first time you're working with them (It's so 'obvious' - you'll be sad you didn't think of it first!)

ALL OF THIS (AND MORE) is available for you to FINISH learning in the next 60 mins!

But that’s not all I put in this course.

Get My Advanced Trainings On How To 5X Your Profits While REDUCING your workload

  • Look behind-the-scenes of my business and learn how I used the 5 Profit Levers to go from making $10/hour to $3K/mo retainers to $10,000+ client projects.
  • A breakdown of my 'value framing' strategy that helps you charge 3X more than your competitors - and still win clients week after week!
  • One TINY tweak to your client engagement that lures bigger budget clients, and they happily pay 100% upfront—every single time!
  • A 'get in your client's brain' look at how they perceive your packages and services — and how to use this intel to your advantage!
  • How to practically ELIMINATE long sales calls, multiple price objections and 'hmm-ing and haw-ing clients' - so you can get YES on the first call and move to get that invoice paid!
  • Master the art of upgrading your client quality, rocketing your rates faster than peers, all while boasting an 80% conversion rate on sales calls! (This is going to be the #1 success factor in your biz going forward)
  • A ‘common pitfall’ that 99% of freelancers ignore that keeps them stuck in their business - and how you can leap-frog over it to keep extracting value from existing clients (and turn every project into a rich pipeline of future client work!)
  • How to build simple systems, processes and templates into your business (within the next 7 days) - that allows you to skyrocket your profits without doing more work!
  • And more!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! There's so much more inside the course, and don't fret—the 'bonus' material is just an extra hour or so.

How much is it?

Behold the spectacle of my persuasive devices...

In the hands of a hypothetical genius, the sheer brilliance of this knowledge would be worth an eye-watering $88,888,888,888.

But fret not! You, my friend, won't be coerced into parting with such ludicrous sums.

Not $8,888, not even $888, not even $88...

(Isn't this how the 'experts' do a value ladder?! Is it not working? oopss...)


Indeed, you won't be relinquishing an absurd fortune for this treasure trove of client-getting advice.

The average cup of coffee costs $5.

Profit Multiplier Formula costs $47

- and while it doesn't give you a delicious taste in your mouth or cope with the daily drudgery called life, it will help you improve client-getting skills significantly.

And no, I'm not yanking your chain; this could genuinely propel you into realms of unprecedented success.

Snatch it up promptly before I come to my senses and decide to charge you in unicorn hugs.

Jeanel from the Philippines went from $400/mo to $1000/mo clients for her social media management agency - in 2 weeks flat!

Mary from Mexico went from charging $1600 to $3500 per project (and getting fully booked out in just weeks..)

Roshni started getting paid 100% in advance - and converted a client from just 2 sales calls!

Shivpriya raised her rates from $700 to $2000 - and still got clients saying 'YES'

Jen negotiated a higher rate - with lower scope - and booked a $6K client!

Again, I am not guaranteeing these — or any! — results for YOU.

Your results will depend a lot on your skills (which this course does not teach) and your individual work ethic.

But, it does show you what is possible with my formula.

If that's cool with you, click the link to buy the course


"How long until I start rolling in cash like Scrooge McDuck?"

Well, it's not quite an instant money-printing machine, but think of it like planting a money tree. You'll need some time to nurture it with the strategies you learn here. So, while I can't promise you'll be swimming in gold coins by tomorrow morning, with dedication and a sprinkle of magic (aka our course material), you'll start seeing those green shoots of success poking through the soil before you know it!

"Does this course come with 24/7 hotline and a community watering hole?"

Short answer: no, it doesn't.

At just $47, this course is like a lone ranger – it's lean, mean, and ready to help you conquer the wild world of profitable freelancing. While it doesn't come with calls, emails, or a bustling community, it's packed with enough value to make you feel like you've struck gold in the old west. So, saddle up, partner, and let's ride into the sunset of financial success together!

"Do I get lifetime access? With a just 1 measly payment of $47?"

You bet ya bottom, you do! Once you're in, you're in for life. It's like joining an exclusive club where the doors never close, the drinks are always cold, and the knowledge keeps flowing like a bottomless well. (All future updates included!)

"Will it work for me if I live in Antigua / Philippines / Kenya / Timbuktu / Mesopotamia?"

The beauty of the freelance world is that it knows no borders. Whether you're sipping chai in India, enjoying tacos in Mexico, or soaking up the sun in Antigua & Barbuda, the Profit Multiplier Formula is your passport to success. And hey, if it works for me globetrotting from Singapore to India and now to Dubai, it's bound to work wonders for you too, no matter where you hang your hat! So, let's spread those freelance wings and soar to new heights together, shall we?

"I have more questions - who can I ask?"

Ah, the classic "But wait, there's more!" moment. If you've got a burning question that hasn't already been expertly tackled in our FAQ section, fear not! Just shoot it over to us at satya@hellozag.com, and we'll tackle it faster than a cat pouncing on a laser pointer.

"What kind of services do your successful students provide?"

Our strategies are like chameleons - they can adapt to thrive in almost any industry you throw at them! Whether you're in social media management, ads consulting, PR, web design, copywriting or even underwater basket weaving (okay, maybe not that last one), our techniques have proven to be as versatile as a Swiss Army knife at a multi-tool convention.

So whether you're slinging code or selling prose, our strategies have got you covered like a well-tailored suit – they're the secret sauce that can add that extra flavor to your success recipe, no matter what industry you're in!

"Okay...you're funny...but can you give me even MORE proof that this actually works?"

Absolutely! We've got more proof than a magician's hat has rabbits. Our students have experienced transformations that would make Cinderella's fairy godmother proud. But don't just take our word for it – check out the testimonials from our students who have gone from doubters to dollars, and see for yourself the magic of our proven strategies!

"Okay, no more games - who's the brains behind the operation?"

Alright, alright...here I am... I'm Satya Jaganathan - your friendly neighborhood freelance coach!

With a knack for turning freelancers into profit-making machines, I've been on a mission since 2018 to help hundreds charge what they're worth, snag dream clients, and triple their profits.

But wait, there's more! When I'm not busy sprinkling freelance fairy dust, I moonlight as a marketing maestro and growth genie, pulling in multiple six-figures per year with my roster of premium clients.

Now, let's rewind to 2015 when I was a wide-eyed newbie in the online jungle. Back then, I was hustling harder than a caffeinated squirrel, barely scraping by on $3K a month.

My proposals? They were like literary masterpieces, taking a cool 8+ hours to craft.

But alas, burnout came knocking, and I knew I had to switch up my game. Cue the epic "trial and error" montage, and voila! I cracked the code to a business raking in $30K - $50K+ monthly.

And guess what? I'm here to spill the beans, share my secret formulas, and toss in some profitable packaging strategies and worksheets, all to help you ascend to the ranks of the top 5% of freelancers worldwide.

So buckle up, buttercup - we're about to turn your freelance dreams into a six-figure reality!

"... but what if I hate the course? Can I get my money back?"

Some course creators offer a refund policy so ironclad, it makes Fort Knox look like a lemonade stand. You might as well try returning a handshake – equally impossible.

We make it much easier - just send us an email at satya@hellozag.com - and we'll issue you a refund within a couple of hours or so. If you don't wanna be here, we don't want you, too.

“I’m about to do that thing where I read all the way to the bottom of the sales page but I still don't know if I can trust you - so I’m going to just flick back up the page and start randomly re-reading parts that I already read while I umm and ahh about whether I want to buy this..."

Um … okay, that wasn’t really a question.

But, that’s cool. You do you.

All I’ll say in closing is … deciding whether to buy this course really shouldn’t be a big deal.

It's literally $47....

(...it's not like that's gonna help me buy a 16-bedroom mansion for my pet iguana in Southern California...)

Some of my other offerings are really expensive

like - my private coaching clients pay me $25K to work with me for 6 months..

On the other hand, at $47, this course is basically an impulse buy in comparison.

Look, I won’t deny there are legitimate reasons not to buy Profit Multiplier Formula.

(1) You’re genuinely not interested in delivering a high-value service to your clients (and just want to coast with low-quality work.. It's your loss, but you do you, boo..)

(2) You don’t have ANY skills and you want to brush up on those first (fair enough)

(3) $47 is actually going to put you into serious financial difficulty to afford your usual addictions like food, shelter and water (in which case, HONESTLY, you should not be looking at courses at all — please, save up some more money in your actual day job first)

Otherwise, I’ve done my best to take away all your other excuses.

It’s very cheap for a premium client-getting course.

You just saw REAL proof of REAL people who’ve used it to earn the entire purchase price back … within days..

You can’t even say you “don’t have time for another course” … it is LITERALLY ONE HOUR LONG!

What else is there to think about?

Anyway, that’s my pitch. Ball’s in your court now.

If you decide you want it, you can use the form below to get Profit Multiplier Formula:

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